About Us

🌟 Hey There, Warrior Wife! Meet Affirmative Apparel 🌟

You know those days when you’re not just dressing up, but gearing up for battle? That’s where Affirmative Apparel comes in – and I'm Angel, the heart and soul behind it all.

👋 Sis, I'm Just Like You:

I'm not just the creator; I'm a retired Army Veteran, a wife, a mom to four amazing souls, and a grandma to five bundles of joy. And trust me, I've been through those battles – the ones that mess with your self-esteem, self-worth, and that inner confidence we all crave. But here’s the thing: I’ve conquered those battles, and now I'm here to help you do the same.

👚 Whitty & Uplifting Tees, Fresh Vibes:

Affirmative Apparel isn’t just about wearing clothes. It’s about slipping on messages that make you smile, that give you a little nudge when you need it most. These tees? They’re like a daily pep talk, telling you that you're strong, beautiful, and more than enough.

💃 Embrace Your You-Ness:

You know how we've been told we’re not enough of this or too much of that? Well, here, we're rewriting that narrative. You’re not just enough – you're fabulous, just as you are. Every curve, every scar, every bit of you is something to celebrate. You're fearfully and wonderfully made, darling.

🛍️ Dress Beyond the Fabric:

When you pick an Affirmative Apparel tee, you’re not just grabbing a shirt. You're choosing an attitude, a reminder that you're a warrior who faces each day with grace and strength. It's like wearing a little secret armor under your everyday clothes.

🦋 Here's to You:

Join the sisterhood of women who know their worth, who stand tall even on wobbly days. Affirmative Apparel is more than threads; it's a community, a movement, a celebration of the incredible person you are.

🛒 So, What’s Next?

Slide into Affirmative Apparel, where we get you – the challenges you've faced, the battles you've won, and the journey you're on. Let’s rock our uniqueness together, and let our tees be the spark that reminds you how amazing you truly are. Your next favorite tee is waiting for you. Grab it, own it, and wear your story with pride. 💪🌼